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Even if you have no social media following and no tech experience!

This is the way in!!!




Watch our Free Web- Class and discover how to make working Online your Reality and Live on your OWN terms!




What you will learn:


How to Build a Brand & Biz with No Experience and no social following. 

The Most Effective Way to Build an Income Using Automation.

The Exact Blueprint to Success That us and Many others Have implemented and how you can start Creating it today!



You have been Invited by:


Dani & Jonno




If you are here is because you want to generate extra income, escape the 9-5 job, and create more time freedom to Travel, spend more quality time, and do the things that you love, but don't know where to start?





We are Danielle and Jonathan. 


We are a Chilean/Australian Couple, currently living in Australia and we are passionate in Health/Wellbeing, Traveling, and Camping!


We moved to Australia 11 years ago, leaving everything behind following and chasing our dreams.  We had nothing but our luggage's, our hearts wide open and a huge desire to embrace changes!


Jonno works in the Construction Industry as a Concreter, and I work for a very well-known beauty company, at the Administration Department.

We both have been doing this for a few years now, But we don't want to settle and do this for the rest of our lives!


I don't want Jonno to be working in the construction industry for the rest of his life and putting his body at risk for a potential injury, and maybe retiring at the age of 65 with a ver bad Back.

Working as a Concreter is very good money, but as an exchange, he has to work is ass off. But it's really worth it trading time AND his body for a VERY demanding job for the rest of his life?  Definitely NO!  

I want my hubby to be Happy, fit and healthy to be able to enjoy life together in a Healthy lifestyle that we chose, in OUR terms.


And me, Dani: 

The idea of working for a company where I would have to be always working under pressure with a high daily expectation, in a very fast paced environment, fixing orders and customers issues, plus depending on my Annual Leave to make the hours to JUST be able to take a few weeks off a YEAR to organize our holidays, it has been something that I have never felt that is right!


But with the current worldwide situation where everything it has been going up due to inflation, plus the cost of living and expenses, bills, interests in mortgages, and the list goes on... of course, we think; "I have to do overtime and work longer hours in order to get more money to be able to pay, and or afford certain things"... 

But guess what? You are trading even more of your precious time to a job and less time for yourself, your plans, your life and your family. 

Once we heard...

"Learn to work harder on yourself that what you do on your Job.  Because If you work for your job, you make a living, but if you work on yourself, you can make a fortune" Boom!!! 

And here is where we make actual the difference!


We've always felt this quote so deep and every time i read it, it gives me goosebumps.  

We always believed that there was another way to make extra income, but at the same time creating something bigger, meaningful that suits our passions & lifestyle, and also making an impact in other people's lives.


And here it comes, The Power of Manifestation!

One day we came across to an Ad talking about creating more time freedom and building your own business online with the ability to work remotely with no experience needed. 

To be honest, we were very skeptical at first, but then doing more research and talking to our mentors and checking the community, we thought, if so many people are doing it and creating REAL success and more time freedom, working from literally ANYWHERE, why can't we? 


We both absolutely believe in the power of Intention and manifestation, and this is what we were looking and asking for a very long time, and here it was, just in front of us and the craziest part is that we were attracting it!! So we gave it go!! 

And here we are now! Creating something big and meaningful! Mentoring and coaching other people from different parts of the world, who wants to break their 9-5 jobs, and gain more time and financial freedom. Live their lives in their OWN terms! And we are absolutely passionate and loving every single part of it!



Is called Affiliate Marketing. We have partnered with a High-Ticket product (Hight ticket product = high in value) and you market those products on their behalf and earn commission once you have generated a sale. 


How this works and how can I get started?

Just reach out to us and we will show you the same system that got us started, where it teaches you how to build your business with no experience needed. This is an amazing proven training system and it show you step by step from marketing, sales, creating ads and branding. 

The best part of this system is that it does all the selling for you. Which means you don't need to market any products.


Can you Relate to any of the following questions?


  • Do I currently trade my time for money?
  • Do I live to work or work to Live
  • Do I have the ability to design my days & control my schedule?
  • Do I constantly dread Mondays and live for the weekend?
  • Does the way I make an income fill me with passion and purpose?
  • Am I living life on my own terms?


If you want more out of Life, You're not Alone.

We Are Excited to Meet You!

Will See You Around!




"I've Built A Career But Wanted More!"


If you had of asked me 3 years what I would be doing now, I never would have thought I would be working in the online space. I've built an incredible career but I've always wanted more and one stream of income was never going to do that. 

I never knew where to look or how to change my situation until I landed at the Build Your Empire University, this step by step system provided the guidance I needed to change my life and I've never looked back since. 

Samuel Leslie 





I am so happy to say, I have no regrets joining BYEU!"


Hey Kimberly, here! I'm from North Carolina and have been working full-time online for about 3 years now. 

I tried various online platforms and I am soooo happy to say, I have no regrets joining BYEU! The training, support, and mentorship has been unreal.

I love how the platform includes various marketing strategies and is always keeping up with the ever changing web. Plus the income potential truly is limitless. 

My favorite part of it all is how I feel tho. I am confident, driven, and know that I am capable of doing ANYTHING I put my mind to! Which is really such a priceless feeling! 

So if you're on the fence, just do it already. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! If I can do it (a former introverted engineer), then anyone can!!

Kimberly Ramsey



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